It’s so important to establish a healthy teeth brushing routine while our kids are little. After the baby teeth are gone, their second set is there for life. Establishing a routine while they are young will ensure the best care of their teeth when they are older.
Here are 5 tips to make babies love to brush their teeth that parents can apply.

Create a habit for children

Parents should apply measures to brush their babies from an early age to make it easier for them:
- Before teething time: Use a clean cloth or gauze to rub your baby's gums after eating. This action helps your child adjust to irritated gums like brushing their teeth
- When children have teething: usually when they have 5-8 teeth, parents can use a small brush, soft bristles gently rub on the gums for children daily after eating. Now your baby is familiar with the stimulation of gums so it will be easier for parents to clean their teeth.
- Children from 3 years old: Use toothbrush and toothpaste to clean teeth for children. - - Remind children to brush their teeth daily and at fixed times. For example after eating and before going to bed. Remind children to remember if they are busy playing.

Use a toothbrush with a funny shape

- If your baby is interested in colorful dolls, why not let him use a toothbrush shaped like a doll in the handle of a brush, or a car, even a ball, to make him interested in brushing.
- Parents should choose a soft toothbrush to avoid hurting children, which makes children become afraid and don't like brushing anymore.
- A perfect choice you can find in Woa Bebe is Beila Woa Toothbrush. I was wondering when I decided to bring them back to WB. However, after I brought them to my baby, she really enjoyed it and never forgot the evening roast time. In contrast, the baby is extremely excited when it’s time to roast. It made the hardest job more simple. The head of Beila Woa Toothbrush is made from high-quality, soft silicon, providing 360-degree rotation for cleaning fully of plaque on a child's teeth. Moreover, the product has a lot of gadgets, I'm sure it will make your baby enjoy every day.

Choose your favorite toothpaste

- When your baby start to brushing teeth, parents can let your baby brush their teeth with a little warm water or light salt, then let them get used to toothpaste. You can suggest for children to choose the cream that they love, so brushing becomes a favorite thing of your baby. However, you shouldn’t buy toothpaste that is full of sugar. 

Create excitement for children

- To create a habit for children to brush their teeth on time, in addition to reminding, parents should also spend time brushing with your baby. Working together is a way for parents to help their children brush their teeth properly, while they can talk and have fun while brushing their teeth, helping them feel excited.
- When your child participates in gardening with parents, teach them how to catch worms and explain to them that they need to catch worms daily so they don't destroy vegetables, and apply this when they brush their teeth. Explain that brushing your teeth is to catch the cavities that cause tooth decay in your baby's mouth. Invite your child: "Come on, let's brush our teeth to catch the cavities?" ...
- While brushing teeth with children, parents can imitate funny animals or humorous actions to make them laugh. This makes them feel comfortable and excited when brushing their teeth.
- In addition, Mom can teach her to brush and sing: "This tooth eats cake, this tooth eats candy, this tooth eats rice, this tooth eats porridge" ... meaning to list all the things that you ate during the day, if too little, then add: "Beat the worm in here, beat its legs not get in here" ... Just like that, the baby brushed their teeth carefully and was very interested, after 1-2 times no need to resort. 

Be patient with the child
- Don’t force children in the early stages, but only encourage and set an example for children to follow
- Try to make a habit of brushing your children gently. If your child has a strong opposition, such as crying or struggling, they should stop and do it in another way such as showing them movies, clips about brushing their teeth, or asking an older child to brush their teeth together.
- This is a work that takes a lot of your energy and is really a test of patience. Children who are smart against their mothers often observe your attitude so that you need to be persistent.
Hopefully, there are 5 tips to make your baby love to brush your teeth above will help your kids feel more interested and love with daily brushing, helping them to keep their teeth clean, avoiding cavities.